Haiku Review

#MayoralHaiku day

Yesterday I decided to tweet commentary on the Wellington Mayoral candidates in haiku form. The Haiku are copied below:

Misogynist pig / he’s more than just a moustache / Played sport too, you know! 

It’s cliche city / Why would she need policies? / She’s friends with John Key 

Facebook, Instagram / Tumblr, Twitter, Myspace too / Do online votes count? 

You picked me last time / I’m still better than Kerry / What, do you want more?

Just when you can think / I couldn’t be any worse / I open my mouth

My story is great / Heartwarming rags to riches / still noone listens

Celia or John / bland and unexciting choice / sort your shit, Welly!

Living Wage for staff / everyone supports but Young / Easy: don’t vote Young

Did you know Muthu / has a disturbing secret / United Future 

It all feels futile / only one decent option / but he has no chance 

A progressive mayor? / What about redundancies! / She’s bad for workers 

A few others joined in on Twitter using the hashtag #MayoralHaiku so check them out :)

Peace Lily

First you are thirsty
Now you are overwatered?
I just don’t get you.

By someone anonymous who sent it to me

Review of being back Tumblring

Guess who’s back? It’s me! / hey @Simonpnz / stop nagging me now?

Review of the end of this project

I can’t be bothered / Writing any more haiku / This site is over

Review of homemade pineapple lump icecream

Having mouthgasm / Cold and crunchy flavoursome / Champions breakfast

Review of Wreck-It Ralph #2

Sugar Rush spin-off / If was real I would play it / Diet cola BOOM

Review of Wreck-It Ralph #1

You can be bad guy / Without being a bad guy / Sage words from Zangief

Review of chocolate tragedy

Yummy chocolate! / No wait it’s got ants on it / What a sad, sad waste

Review of the start of summer in Wellington

I always forget / Just how nice Welly can be / Blue skies sunny days

Review of my last submission

After submitting
I was worried my last line
Wasn’t long enough. 

By isabellejemima